ShareBase Webinars

Discover more about ShareBase by taking advantage of our upcoming live webinars and on-demand webinars.

Secure sharing and collaboration

As remote workforces continue to be a part of daily life, every organisation needs an executable plan for collaborating safely and efficiently. How can your enterprise make that happen now, when so much of the business world is changing so quickly?

See cost savings while sharing reports faster and safer

Download this 30-minute webinar where we discuss the gaps in visibility, security, compliance and control when it comes to document sharing. We'll show you how Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation were able to save time and money by safely sharing automated OnBase reports.

ShareBase: Your remote access tool for business continuity

Sharing Healthcare Files Safely and Securely

Discover how the ShareBase solution helped Fulton County Health Center eliminate many of the costs associated with printing and mailing paper documents, and why the usability of ShareBase has made an immediate impact on both hospital staff and external organizations and individuals.

ShareBase 101: Extending Your Solution with Secure, Cloud-Based Sharing

Join our webinar to learn how ShareBase extends the power of your OnBase solutions, and discover industry-specific use cases. The security of ShareBase in the Hyland Cloud means that even the most demanding industries can improve their processes using ShareBase.

Mitigating risky business in insurance with ShareBase

Download our webinar to hear directly from the TASB Risk Management Fund — a risk-sharing pool that provides services for auto, liability, property, unemployment and worker’ compensation, to hear directly from TASB about how they adopted ShareBase in their insurance area and beyond!

ShareBase and OnBase together: Property and Casualty insurance

As competitive pressures increase in the insurance industry, P&C insurance companies are increasingly turning to cloud technology to stay ahead. It's time to extend your OnBase solution with ShareBase - a new enterprise cloud-based sharing product from Hyland.

ShareBase and OnBase together: Life Insurance & Annuity

As competitive pressures increase in the insurance industry, Life Insurance and Annuity companies are increasingly turning to cloud technology to stay ahead. Today’s advisers are dealing with a lot of industry changes. One thing that hasn’t changed? The invaluable relationship between an adviser and client.

ShareBase lends a hand

The ability to collaborate safely and securely on sensitive documents with associates inside your organization, as well as with third-parties, like auditors and loan servicers, is a critical element in speeding business processes and remaining competitive in a challenging market.

Digital HR Solutions: Paperless Hiring and On-boarding

Get new hires integrated in your organization without compromising security and compliance. In this live webinar, Naviant Director of HR, Tricia Shields, shares how OnBase and ShareBase helped them.

The ideal content collaboration solution

Download this webinar to hear how ShareBase is used as a sanctioned tool for sharing and collaboration across the South Carolina State Library.

Manage your business processes faster with OnBase and ShareBase

Download this webinar presentation to see how Idaho Central Credit Union stays ahead of the pack by establishing simple daily practices with OnBase and ShareBase.

You have the right to remain efficient

Download this webinar to hear how The Las Vegas Police Department uses OnBase and ShareBase together to efficiently share police report requests with constituents.

Streamline document sharing

Watch this webinar to hear from National Heritage Academies about how they were able to easily share OnBase documents with board members through ShareBase.

ShareBase secure sharing

Watch this webinar to hear from Horry County about how they were able to take their recorded drone footage of hurricane damage, and securely share it in a timely manner with elected officials, as well as FEMA.

Automate manual business processes

Download this webinar to learn about Omeda, the nation’s largest business to business subscription fulfillment service provider, and how they use the OnBase interaction with ShareBase to automate their previously manual processes.

Be audit ready with ShareBase

Download this webinar to learn how Oklahoma Water Resources Board uses ShareBase to tackle their audits with the EPA, while also serving up Public Records Request Management (PRRM) requests.

ShareBase: The Power of one

Watch this webinar to learn how Western Governor's University uses ShareBase within their health placement department to gather information from students, and to share it with different medical offices for student placement. You'll see why ShareBase is amazing all by itself, and can be used as a standalone

Employee expense solution with ShareBase

Watch this webinar to learn how Discovery Benefits, Inc. made their employee expense processes easier using ShareBase with OnBase Unity Forms and Workflow. Gone are their days of keeping track of paper receipts!

Conquering public record request management

Watch this webinar to learn how the birth of ShareBase provided the groundwork for this solution.

Board document sharing

Take a first-hand look at this session to learn about how Texas Woman's University (TWU) uses ShareBase for their Board Meetings.

Secure file requests

Download this session to hear directly from an OnBase and ShareBase customer about why they chose to use OnBase and ShareBase together to receive external content directly into OnBase

Sharing corporate financial info

Learn why ShareBase is now the go-to solution the Hyland Finance & Accounting team uses for working with external auditors.

ShareBase: The enterprise solution

Take a first-hand look at why it's time to get moving with your ShareBase solution.

Facelift webinar

Take a first-hand look at this on-demand tour of ShareBase’s new user interface and how to better navigate the platform - including V2 Capabilities, reasons surrounding changes, and how changes were chosen.

Get it done with ShareBase mobile

Take a first-hand look at this on-demand tour of how ShareBase can help give you more time to complete your daily tasks on the go.

ShareBase - The differentiator

Take a first-hand look at why it's time to extend your OnBase solution with ShareBase.

Behind the scenes - ShareBase desktop

The ShareBase Desktop is a key component of ShareBase, enabling you to optimize document collaboration and synchronization. Take a peek at this on-demand behind-the-scenes tour to learn more about how your organization can benefit from the ShareBase Desktop.

OnBase & ShareBase: Together at Last!

Check out this on-demand webinar to learn that by using ShareBase and OnBase together, you can automate document sharing within your business – reducing bottlenecks while allowing your organization to retain control of your sensitive documents.

Sharebase: A year of enhancements

Join Hyland’s Brian Boucher, Manager of the Cloud Product Team, for an in-depth look at ShareBase milestones and product enhancements over the last year.

ShareBase collaboration

Join Neal Dugan, Program Manager in Hyland’s Center of Excellence, for a first-hand look at ways in which Hyland’s project management team uses ShareBase to collaborate throughout the course of a project

ShareBase libraries

Join us for an in-depth look at ShareBase Libraries, including learning when to use personal vs. corporate ShareBase Libraries, navigating administration of ShareBase Libraries and understanding how the OnBase interaction utilizes ShareBase Libraries

ShareBase security

Check out this on-demand webinar to learn how ShareBase brings both experience and security by utilizing the Hyland Cloud, a cloud purpose-built for securely hosting and managing sensitive and critical corporate information.