The ShareBase Evolution

ShareBase, Hyland’s enterprise cloud-based file-sharing product, officially launched in February 2016, enabling organisations to securely share documents with those inside and outside of their organisations while retaining ownership and control.

A lot has happened in the past year – from new product features to support in new locales. Take a look at some of the major milestones throughout a year in the life of ShareBase!

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5 Steps to Content Collaboration

Today, content management and content creation have come together to provide users with tools to easily create, collaborate and store content.

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Explore What’s Happening with File Sync and Share

Organisations like yours are embracing technology to share critical information beyond their corporate walls. Are you sharing content in the most effective way? Discover the state of the industry, key priorities, top challenges and recommendations for safe sharing in this AIIM research-based infographic.

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