Financial Services

The proper management of customer and company information is critical for financial services institutions but so is empowering employees to share internally and externally. Chances are employees are using a variety of tools that are hard for IT to manage. ShareBase changes that. Discover Financial Services use cases.

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Though consultation and collaboration with other agencies or external organisations is part of life in Government, it can mean a tug of war between security and convenience of sharing. But ShareBase simplifies these crucial activities in Government while providing a convenient tool for users but secure enough to meet IT standards. Discover Government use cases.

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Higher Ed

Sharing and collaborating on documents can be key pieces of many processes, from admissions processing to campus construction projects. However, the way this is often done today, via tools that are lack security, visibility and control leave IT needing a single corporate standard that keeps them in control but provides everything employees need. This is where ShareBase comes in. Discover Higher Education use cases.


On one side of the coin, the proper management of customer and company information, to expedite new business and claims processes, is paramount for insurance companies. On the other, the ability to share sensitive documents with policy holders, agents, third parties and employees is a holy grail everyone is chasing. ShareBase can become the happy medium that serves employees needs and IT's wants across the company. Discover Insurance use cases.