ShareBase by Hyland gives you the functionality you need, while ensuring your organisation retains control of the shared information. Learn more about the key features ShareBase offers:


  • Admins create accounts with corporate email addresses only
  • Revokes access rights when user leaves the organisation
  • Shared links can be password protected
  • Shared links can be set to expire
  • Permissions to shared folders easily transitioned when roles change
  • Document audit trail provides insight into who is sharing what


  • Interacts with OnBase without API programming
  • Uses OnBase Workflow to automate sharing and collection of documents
  • Automatically captures new ShareBase documents into OnBase
  • Data hosted in a cloud dedicated to content management*
  • Ensures your data is stored separately from other organisations
  • Ability to choose the region your data is hosted
  • Unique encryption keys provided for each organisation
  • Single pricing model for all users at all volumes

*ShareBase is hosted in The OnBase Cloud.