ShareBase: The Enterprise Solution

Join this session to learn why it’s time to get moving with your ShareBase solution, including:

  • Administrative advantages
  • Enterprise wide usage
  • Single sign on capabilities

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ShareBase is Getting a Facelift!

Take a first-hand look at this on-demand tour of ShareBase’s new user interface and how to better navigate the platform - including V2 Capabilities, reasons surrounding changes, and how changes were chosen.

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Get it Done With ShareBase Mobile!

Take a first-hand look at this on-demand tour of how ShareBase can help give you more time to complete your daily tasks on the go.

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OnBase Interaction with ShareBase: The Differentiator

Take a first-hand look at why it's time to extend your OnBase solution with ShareBase.

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Behind the Scenes: ShareBase Desktop

The ShareBase Desktop is a key component of ShareBase, enabling you to optimize document collaboration and synchronization. Take a peek at this on-demand behind-the-scenes tour to learn more about how your organization can benefit from the ShareBase Desktop.

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ShareBase and OnBase: Together at Last

Sharing documents inside and outside of your organization is a necessity. However, when distributing documents outside of your OnBase system, security, size and speed can impact your business flow. In this on-demand webinar, we’ll share how ShareBase and OnBase work together to automate document sharing – reducing bottlenecks while allowing your organization to retain control of your sensitive information.

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A Year of Enhancements: Happy Birthday, ShareBase!

Join Hyland’s Brian Boucher, Manager of the Cloud Product Team, for an in-depth look at ShareBase milestones and product enhancements over the last year.

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ShareBase Collaboration - Inside and Outside of your Organization!

Join Neal Dugan, Program Manager in Hyland’s Center of Excellence, for a first-hand look at ways in which Hyland’s project management team uses ShareBase to collaborate throughout the course of a project

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ShareBase Libraries

Join us for an in-depth look at ShareBase Libraries, including learning when to use personal vs. corporate ShareBase Libraries, navigating administration of ShareBase Libraries and understanding how the OnBase interaction utilizes ShareBase Libraries

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ShareBase Security

When it comes to cloud-based solutions, experience matters. With experience comes more functionality and most importantly for cloud-based sharing: security. Check out this on-demand webinar to learn how ShareBase delivers both experience and security by utilizing the Hyland Cloud, a cloud purpose built for securely hosting and managing sensitive and critical corporate information.

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