Share with confidence inside and outside your government agency


Consultation and collaboration with other agencies or external organizations is part of life in government. Too often this translates into emails back and forth with no convenient and secure way to share documents and content like reports, photos, videos and more. Even within agencies, the essential task of securing critical content and providing tools for collaboration is difficult. 

ShareBase by Hyland meets these needs by delivering an enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solution that simplifies some of the most crucial activities in government – document and content delivery, sharing and review. It does so in an integrated and secure way that speeds up extra-agency tasks while providing an audit trail of any activity.

Additionally, ShareBase provides other core functionality that benefits government work, including:

- Transferring large files with ease

- Creating one location for the collection of many large files

- Provides secure extra-jurisdictional and extra-agency file sharing

- Replaces file-share silos for field and mobile workers

Departmental applications throughout government


In addition to the core functions that provide benefits to all areas of government, ShareBase can specifically provide a boon to processes in specific government agencies, such as:


Human Services: Enables the sharing of client files between service providers and allows clients to securely upload supporting documentation. This demonstrates controlled access in compliance with security requirements while providing a way to share contracts and client information with service providers in the community.


Finance: ShareBase improves vendor and contract management processes by providing a secure way to share contracts, deliverables and reports with external vendors as well as sharing electronic financial reports internally.


Administration: Simplifies agenda and minutes packet sharing with legislative members and provides an online option for records request packets for pick-up by requestor.


Public Safety: Provides a central location to securely deposit evidence files – video files in particular – and creates a convenient way to collect evidence from the community and offers support to deploy in a CJIS-compliant manner


Courts: Creates a location for courts to securely store files and simplify access for circuit rider judges. ShareBase also easily stores packets (exhibits) for upcoming or pending cases.


Planning and Public Works: Store and provide access to key fieldwork content, including plans, and provide a location to upload from the field. ShareBase allows staff to deposit marked up and approved plan sets for collaboration. It also provides a central location to shared final plan sets with first responders.


In these and many other applications, ShareBase secures information and documents by controlling views, downloads and changes to shared files from the folder level down to individual documents. That way, your government agency always retains control over what it shares.


Discover how ShareBase provides safe, secure cloud-based sharing for the enterprise.