Top 5 facts for CIOs

ShareBase gives you the functionality you need, while ensuring your organization retains control of the shared information. So how do you convince your CIO to adopt ShareBase?

Start with these five facts your CIO needs to know about ShareBase:

Role-based security
Your IT department can decide who uses ShareBase and who doesn’t. Authorize individuals to share only with other ShareBase users or with anyone. Because the solution utilizes corporate-only email addresses, your organization retains ownership of all shared content. Your IT department can see every email address content has been shared with.

Revocation of access when users leave
ShareBase allows for easy revocation of user rights during the separation process. This protects the organization by disabling accounts for users - once they leave - that should no longer have access to the information.


Simple transfer of ownership during personnel transitions
When a ShareBase user changes roles, the administrator easily reassigns users to their shared folders.

Private hosting in our cloud
ShareBase is hosted in a cloud specifically designed for content management in data centers strategically located across the globe. You will know exactly which region and datacenter your information is located and backed up. Your organization’s data will never be co-mingled with another company’s and is protected with an encryption key unique to your organization.

Interacts with your OnBase solution
Enables automated document sharing as part of your business processes. This reduces bottlenecks caused by the manual copying and pasting of files.

Key findings on cloud-based sharing tools

There’s a growing demand by and for employees to share and collaborate on documents with people inside and outside of their organization.

As a result, many organizations are turning to enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solutions to extend their information ecosystem while providing secure, cloud-based sharing.

This whitepaper highlights how organizations use file-sharing products. Download the whitepaper to see the key findings and AIIM’s recommendations on safe, secure sharing.