Hyland Software is a leading developer of enterprise content management solutions with more than 15,000 customers worldwide. Dedicated to transparency at every level, Hyland participates in an annual, independent audit of its financial statements; the audit is performed by a Big 4 accounting firm. Contracts, payroll records and invoices are just some of the confidential documents reviewed by auditors and retained as evidence. Many methods – from paper shipments to CDs, e-mail and electronic file transfer – exist to provide auditors with the information requested, but none mirror Hyland’s business philosophies.

Physically shipping paper files, or even CDs, was costly and time consuming. Electronic file transfer solutions were equally arduous due to the volume of files required and connection instability. All of these distribution methods required individual files to be sent to individual auditors. And when more than one auditor requested the same file, the distribution models did not allow for collaboration between auditors; efforts were duplicated to provide the information to the additional auditors. Hyland implemented ShareBase, an enterprise, cloud-based file sharing product designed for corporate use. Originally intended to provide scalability when multiple personnel need access to the same information, the solution excels in confidentiality, security and ease of use.


ShareBase streamlined processes for both Hyland and its auditing firm: Hyland easily incorporated the naming convention used by the auditors, providing instant recognition of the foldering structure to ensure ease-of-use by all parties.